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COVID-19 Update: Fauquier County Department of Economic Development

COVID-19 Update: Fauquier County Department of Economic Development

This is a Summary of what we at Economic Development, with a great deal of help from other county agencies, are doing to help Fauquier County businesses address the challenges posed by the virus situation.

Rest assured that our Department, our Enterprise Centers, our colleagues in the other agencies and our partner groups in the community, are working hard to support and buoy the spirits of our wonderful business community.  

  1. Partner with our GIS team and several other County agencies, to compile a current list of all 2900 licensed county businesses in order to maintain and disseminate information on business operations, creativity and services to the public.  This data can be accessed, and businesses can self-enroll at:
  2. Acquire and disseminate up-to-date information on sources of assistance to businesses. We are in regular touch with the SBA and other federal, state, regional, local and private organizations in order to assemble and distribute assistance info on a daily basis. We have a weekly conference call with other local service providers to insure coordination and collaboration.
  3. Post to social media updates on local business operations, sources of assistance, key developments, successes and best practices.  Follow us here at: and
  4. Engage our current Micro Loan Program funded by local banks and the EDA and operated by the banks, to redirect resources to make loans that can help sustain businesses in Fauquier County until larger resources become available. The program features small loans, easy to apply for and at favorable terms, for local businesses.  
  5. Maintain contact with local businesses and tailor support to their needs.  Continue to deliver our technical support to businesses through any means available, given the constraints of the current situation.  We are literally, open for business.
  6. Making the resources of our three Business Enterprise Centers available for counseling, mentoring and information sharing to all county businesses.  The centers are operating at or near capacity in all cases, but we are doing our best to accommodate those in need.
  7. Review best practices and share information with our colleagues in the Northern Virginia Economic Development Alliance and throughout the Piedmont region.
  8. Throughout, our office is open and answering questions, providing info and mentoring businesses as appropriate, through electronic media.  Assistance is available to individual businesses, developers, other business organizations, the towns and other county agencies.  
  9. For hands-on assistance with loan and other aid applications, please contact the Small Business Development Center at Lord Fairfax, Christine Kriz, Director, or and via phone 540-868-7094.

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