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Fauquier Chamber Young Professionals Membership Application

The FYP requires you or your business be a member in good standing of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce. Are you a member? *
The FYP requires you to be between the age of 18 - 40. Do you meet this requirement? *
This is not required but helpful for us to know who may be interested in serving the on the Council in an executive capacity.
Can you commit to a minimum of 12 months of service to include attendance at a once monthly meeting? *
Brand Ambassador - This person will be responsible for marketing FYP to new and existing FYP attendees. This person will help create and execute brand strategies using social media, in-person, and virtual resources.
Venue Liaison - This person will be responsible for reaching out to venues that we will be meeting with and confirming their availability and expectations for the event that will take place. This person will also secure company sponsorships and donations regarding our events.