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Haymarket-Gainesville Business Association


Business Development

About Us

Our Mission: To provide a fun and engaging opportunity for our members to be well-positioned in the Haymarket-Gainesville community by:

Providing networking opportunities
Promoting collaboration
Delivering timely local information

Our Vision: We are the premier association supporting business and community involvement in the Haymarket-Gainesville area.

The Haymarket Gainesville Business Association was established in 1990 when the Association was formed by a local group of professionals and business owners who recognized the area’s potential. In 2007, the organization reorganized to meet the ever changing needs of the Haymarket and Gainesville residents and businesses due to massive growth in the area. We are a force within the Haymarket-Gainesville business community. We offer a forum for information sharing and contribute to community projects that positively impact businesses and residents. Our goal is to have every Haymarket and Gainesville business become a member of our organization for a greater voice. HGBA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit, all volunteer organization.