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Meridian Financial Partners

Meridian Financial Partners


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About Us

Meridian Financial Partners provides whole life financial solutions to individuals and organizations nationwide. We build intelligent, low cost, diversified portfolios, combined with a very deep understanding of our client's complete financial picture.

Our structure and method of operation are a rarity in the industry: client-centered and transparent to the highest degree. We are:

Independent. Only the partners own Meridian Financial Partners –- no one else. We never have a reason to push one product, fund or strategy over another. We’re not under corporate pressure to raise revenue or steer you toward “in-house” investment research. Our advice is objective and unbiased, intended solely to achieve the best solution for you.

Fee-only. The cost of our service is completely transparent, and we are paid only by clients. We receive no commissions or mutual fund fees, avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

Fiduciaries. This is the highest standard to which your relationship with a financial advisor can be held. In fact, as a fiduciary, it is our legal responsibility to act in clients’ best interest at all times.

In addition to the requirement to put clients’ interests ahead of their own, fiduciaries are obligated to perform their duties to clients with loyalty and care. This we do with pride.


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