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Superior Paving Corp.

Superior Paving Corp.



About Us

Superior Paving is a values-based asphalt paving company committed to developing remarkable employees and delivering superior products and services since 1976. In 1986, Superior expanded into Fauquier County.

Superior Paving Corp. is well known outside of the Northern Virginia area and is considered a respected innovator in the asphalt industry nationwide. The reputation it has built plays a pivotal role in industry organizations like the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and Virginia Asphalt Association (VAA. Superior Paving Corp. has been recognized for the quality of its work and the strength of its leadership, employees and customer responsiveness.

Today, VDOT continues to be the company’s largest client. Superior Paving Corp.’s client base has grown to include everyone from subdivision developers to school systems, as well as smaller private pavers who buy its products.

Superior Paving Corp. continues to participate in nationwide efforts to improve road pavement and lay-down technology, acting as a leader in the asphalt industry’s commitment to green practices and technology.


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