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About Us

We at Total Shape are dedicated to simplifying the journey toward a healthier lifestyle and making it achievable for everyone. With a team of over 60 health and fitness experts, including registered dietitians, nutritionists, medical doctors, personal trainers, coaches, and professional athletes, we offer a comprehensive library of 2,000+ articles filled with information and resources to support your health and fitness goals.

Our mission is to empower 10 million individuals worldwide on their wellness journey by providing expert advice on supplements, exercise routines, fitness equipment, diet and nutrition, weight loss, calculators, and all other fitness-related information. From our humble beginnings in Indianapolis in 2003, we have grown to inspire millions globally, promoting a culture of health and wellbeing.

At Total Shape, we take our responsibility to deliver evidence-based, reliable information seriously. We practice complete transparency when it comes to our affiliations and commit to providing unbiased and trustworthy advice every time. Reader support, through affiliate links to products we review, helps us continue to evaluate products and maintain our website without resorting to intrusive advertisements.

Join our community today by sharing your experiences, subscribing to our newsletter, or connecting with us on social media. For further inquiries or personalized health solutions, feel free to reach out to Join us on our mission to achieve a healthier you!